26th Oct 2018 - 31st Oct 2018
Colnaghi at TEFAF New York
Colnaghi is for the third time taking part in TEFAF's NY Fall edition at the prestigious Park Avenue Armory. The gallery will show a wide selection of antiquities, curated by Carlos Picón, combined with museum-quality artworks, including recent acquisitions, with a strong focus on Italian and Spanish painting and sculpture from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.


Luca Giordano, called Fa Presto Naples (1632 – 1705) An Alchemist
Aztec, Late Post-Classic Period 1200 - 1500 A.D.
 Aztec standing standard bearer of Macuilxochitl (5 Flower)
Late Antique, circa Fourth Century - Early Fifth Century A.D. Early Christian Bowl Depicting Christ with Peter and Paul Silver
Luis de Morales, called El Divino (1512 – 9 May 1586) Ecce Homo
Late Classic Period, Circa A.D. 600-900 Huastec Carved Stone Serpent Column
Protoclassic Period, Ameca Gray Style, Circa 100 B.C.-A.D. 250 Jalisco Seated Figure of a Wrestler
Late Classic Period, Southern Highlands, Guatemala, Circa A.D. 650-850 K'Iché Two-Part Urn
Classic Period, Maya, Circa A.D. 400-700 Maya Tripod Vessel with Monkey Finial
Late Classic Period, Campeche, Circa A.D. 600-900 Mayan Blackware Chocholá Cup
Early Classic Period, Lowland Guatemala, Circa A.D. 250-550 Mayan Blackware Tripod Vase
Juan van der Hamen y Léon (Madrid 1596-1631) Saint Augustine's Vision of the Trinity
Pedro de Mena y Medrano (Granada, 1628 - Malaga, 1688) Saint Francis of Assisi
José de Mora (Baza 1642 - Granada 1724) Saint Margaret of Cortona
Sir Anthony Van Dyck (Antwerp 1599 - London 1641) The Penitent Saint Peter
Alonso González Berruguete (Paredes de Nava ca. 1490 - Toledo 1561) Triptych of the Virgin and Child, with Saints Roch and Sebastian, and Adam and Eve.
Francisco de Zurbarán (Fuente de Cantos 1598 - Madrid 1664) Virgin with sleeping child