Ancient vessels

15th Oct 2018 - 15th Jan 2019
New York
Vessels have been used since the beginning of civilization for a variety of purposes ranging from utilitarian to ceremonial. They were made from materials as abundant as clay and stone or as precious as silver and gold. This exhibition focuses on stone vessels primarily from three ancient cultures: Egyptian, Cycladic, and Bactrian made between the Bronze Age (3300 B.C.) and the emergence of the Roman empire (31 B.C.). Although a wide variety of different stones and minerals were employed in their making, and these materials often varied over time as availability and aesthetics changed, many of the stone vessels on display here are of a simplicity which appeals strongly to our modern sense of balance and beauty.


2,800-2,700 B.C. Cycladic Footed Jar (Kandila)
2,800-2,200 B.C. Cycladic Pedestal Cup
Old Kingdom, 2,635-2,134 B.C. Egyptian Cylindrical Vases
Pre-Dynastic, 3,300-3,000 B.C. Egyptian Jars of Flattened Form
Ptolemaic, 332-330 B.C. Egyptian Ovoid Vessels with Lug Handles
Bactrian, Circa late 3rd - early 2nd millennium B.C. Stone Bowl