1st Nov 2019 - 5th Nov 2019
Park Avenue Armory, 643 Park Ave, New York (Stand 208)
Colnaghi's exhibition at TEFAF New York Fall 2019 showcases an extremely rare and beautiful selection of Bronze Age ornaments, Cycladic vessels, and Classical sculptures alongside contemporary works by Barceló, Boetti and Fontana exhibited by our partner, Ben Brown Fine Arts.

For this edition of TEFAF New York Fall, Curator and NY gallery Director, Carlos A. Picón, has chosen a fine selection of ancient works in marble, bronze, and terracotta from different civilizations.

Highlights of the exhibition include a magnificent Bronze Age spiral diadem from ca. 1200-1000 BC, a superb pair of bronze helical armbands, and an enormous bronze fibula elaborately decorated with a row of waterfowl. These fine bronze ornaments, of which few comparable examples are known, represent the apex of Late Bronze Age metalworking. They are no doubt the work of skilled Central and Eastern European craftsmen working for the contemporary aristocracy. Decorated with highly simplified geometric forms, their linear shapes and spiral motifs have a surprisingly contemporary appeal. In addition to this selection of Bronze Age artworks, Colnaghi presents a Cycladic marble double vase and ring from the 3rd Millenium BC; and an exquisitely preserved marble figure of Pan from the first half of the 1st century AD, carved as a table leg and miraculously retaining its original mount.

The exhibition will evoke an eclectic atmosphere, where antiquities and contemporary works are juxtaposed beautifully. In the words of Jorge Coll, Owner and CEO of Colnaghi: “At Colnaghi we believe that great art is timeless, and that the works that make up great collections will almost always span the ages.


Anonymous Double Spiral ornament Central or Eastern Europe
Anonymous Enormous Fibula with Row of Waterfowl
Anonymous Figure of Pan
Anonymous Pair of Armbands
Anonymous Posamenterie Fibula with Spiral Ornaments
Anonymous Spiral Diadem